Hey there!
My name is Pria Rajput, Principal Designer and CEO of Black Label Designs (BLD).
My world has always been surrounded by art. For as long as I could remember, my mind has been focused on finding creative outlets. Growing up, I enrolled in art during middle school, specializing in clay sculpting and canvas paintings. In high school I studied architecture, which lead to studying architectural technology, leading to opportunities to freelance with agencies, creating set designs and storyboards, curating makeup and hair looks and acting as a team lead. I gained expert knowledge in creative interior design as well as unique brand marketing abilities and 3D rendering design, which is a rare combination. I have experience working as a junior space planner and drafter for the City of Edmonton with their Sustainability Department, where I conducted furniture plans and managed to track information for all buildings owned by the City. I then grew to a CAFM drafter and space planner position at the University of Alberta Institute.

I was responsible for multi-million dollar projects that ranged from designing and redesigning institutional spaces to tracking space, site verification, creating room numbering schematics, and Institutional building drawings. I essentially managed every pocket of space owned by the University of Alberta. I also partnered with Synced Interactive, an interactive technology company to rebrand and strategize the company’s business model and reach its ultimate business goals. Acting as a team lead for sealing deals with high-profile organizations and space planning to implement digital technology products. With this experience, Black Label Designs was established, a creative design studio that specializes in curating custom designs tailored to each client’s needs. We create as you speak.


Black Label Designs is a creative design consultancy that provides a full spectrum of interior designing and space planning services. We take creative direction when curating stories within spaces and ensure that intellectual art is seen and felt. Our expert-level knowledge of creative and innovative interior design allows us to create talking spaces that self-market themselves. We operate on various scales, with our main areas of design being residential homes, mixed commercial spaces, and hospitality entertainment spaces. We have affiliated partners with architects and other disciplines in all markets to provide a full-service experience. Thus, whether you are a homeowner, builder, business owner, music and film designer or architect, our full-production studio and team have everything you would need to build your dream space. Our variety of shoppable objects is here to help elevate your space and make heads turn. We welcome you to check out our Shop Collection featuring hand-crafted tables and decoration objects. Our curated collection of tables is environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and high wear resistance. We are always looking for new ways to implement new technologies and partner with the best to give our clients the best.